php-MySQL based note taking application

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SleekArchive - php-MySQL based Journaling application.

SleekArchive is an open source alternative to applications like Evernote and Google Keep. The main difference is that this can be hosted by you!. If you are writing your thoughts somewhere, that 'somewhere' better be your own property! Most of the websites that provide note taking services do not encrypt your notes, because it is not easy to do so.

What is php, what is MySQL?

You can install SleekArchive at your own server. If you want to install this application on your own computer, you will need to install a local server with php and MySQL enabled. MAMP and WAMP are some of the easiest ways to achieve this goal. Once you are done with that, it is a matter of minutes to install this application. Once you have set up this application on your own server, you can access it from any computer or mobile (Yes! this looks OK on a smartphone).


  1. Download source files to your php-mysql enabled host.
  2. Edit credentials.php to set your credentials.
  3. You are all set to go!

Try It Out Now

A public journal of the latest stable version can be found here (you need to use "password" as the password) for you to try out the interface. Hope you will like it!

Authors and Contributors

This application is open source and is developed by @arkanath. Any contribution to the application is always welcome.